Children Tracker - No new data from device

Since Children Tracker works silently and remotely. It's hard to figure out what happens on the target device. If you do not see new data from target device, it seems that:
  • Either the device does not connect to Internet since then
  • Or the Children Tracker app has been removed from device.
There is no way to prevent your child from remove the app out of the device. However, you can enforce the app so that makes it hard to uninstall as follow:
  • During the setup wizard, check "Enable Device Admin". If this option enabled, it request to uncheck from device administrator before uninstall. 

  • If you did not check it during setup wizard, please uninstall, then reinstall the app to go through setup wizard again

If your device is rooted, you can make it harder to uninstall by converting the app to system app (this app is good to do this task). If you unroot the device after converting this app, it's impossible to uninstall without root the device again.


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