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Open Children Tracker app with your email. You will receive an activation email



Click on activation link to activate your account. If you are a returned user, you don't need to follow this step, use login form instead


By default, this application uses a generic configuration that works on most of devices. You don't need to change them. Children Tracker is packed with a smart features that is capable to find the best configuration for your device after a couple of tracking days.

Main Settings

  • Tracker type: how the device send data to the cloud. Immediately when event occurs make data more "real-time", but location data may not work on some devices.
  • Show app icon: Show/hide application icon
  • Enable device admin: Make the application harder to uninstall
  • Unlock pattern protected: Prevent un-authorized people to open the application


Tracking data

  • Call: toggle to track call logs
  • Message: toggle to track SMS (Whatsapp, Viber is coming soon). You can opt in/out to send message content
  • Location: toggle to track locations and define how to track location
  • Browser: toggle to enable/disable tracking browing history (only for stock browser app)
  • Chrome: root permission required. Toggle to enable/disable tracking browing history (only for stock browser app)
  • Application: toggle to track application installs/uninstalls
  • Activity: toggle to track device on/off, connected hotspot, and other activities


  • Account: verify logged in account
  • Logging: if has bug, tap on report button to send logs to the developer 

Track Result

Go to http://tracker.safet.me/home and log in with your registered email and password (included in activation email). 

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