Tracking root required applications (Whatsapp, Viber, Lines, etc)

This article helps you to install, and track applications that data is required root permission to access, including:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Whatsapp
  • Viber
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Lines
  • Hangout
  • BBM
  • Kik Messenger
  • Nimbuzz
  • Zalo


  1. Required apps should be installed on the target device
  2. Using root enabled version (ex. XDA, Amazon, Direct download, see more here)
  3. Device is rooted.
  4. Root permission is permanently granted for Children Tracker
  5. Enable tracking for the target apps on your Children Tracker Web console, under Setting tab

Grant root permission

In the first time the application is opened (on Android device), it will ask you to grant root permission for the application. You should grant it permanent root permission.

In some case, the root permission is revoked, you should manually re-grant root permission again or you will not receive data for the selected applications. To re-grant root permission, you just open Children Tracker app and it will ask you to grant root permission.

Enable root required app tracker

To enable tracking root required apps:
  1. Login into your Children Tracker web console
  2. Select the target device
  3. Click on Settings tab
  4. Scroll down to Trackers section,
  5. Click on the apps that you want to track
  6. Click "Save" to finish


  • Can not enable [app name] tracker?
The target device is not root OR root permission is not granted for Children Tracker OR root permission is revoked
  • [app name] tracker is enabled, but I can not see new data on my console?
You may see data with a delay of 2-3 hours. Let's me explain how the tracker works: Children Tracker periodically collect data and send to Children Tracker server. To keep it totally silent and unawareness, this process run mainly in the background and during the device's screen off. For root required applications, Children Tracker collects every 20 minutes. Therefore, you may not see new messages that are deleted before a new data collection cycle. Data will send at a frequency that you set per device in your Web console, default is every 30 minutes.
  • I see new [app name] data, but some are missing?

  • For root required applications, you may not see all data due to it data collection process (see previous question).
    • Why data collection frequency is 20 minutes?

    • Well, we can increase this frequency. However, as we experimented, this is the best compromise between battery consumption and data lost. We want that Children Tracker does not impact on normal operation of the device. 
      • Data is not sent to my console even [app name] tracker is enabled?
      If you still see new data of non-root required applications, but not root required one, it may be
      1. Root permission is not granted to Children Tracker app
      2. The target [app name] has been removed from the target device.
      3. A new version of the target [app name] has been released and Children Tracker may not compatible with the new version. Please report us if you face this case with detail [app name] version, Android device and OS version.

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