Payment & upgrade

Children Tracker offers full feature 7 days trial. You should upgrade to use after this period.

Select a plan

Please visit our homepage to select a suitable plan for you


Following is steps to upgrade your account:
  1. Login to Children Tracker console with your email and password
  2. Open account page. Children Tracker supports two ways to pay: via Paypal and wire transfer. 
  3. For Paypal, click on Upgrade with Paypal link and select a plan to continue.
  4. For wire transfer, click on Upgrade with money transfer, you will see all information for initiate a wire transfer
Once you upgrade, you may wait for 24 hours in order to activate your account.

Recurring payment

If you use Paypal, you subscribe to our service that will automatically charge you at the end of your payment cycle. If you don't want to automatically renew your subscription, you should manually unsubscribe to our service. The unsubscription does not impact on the current cycle. We will send you an email notification 5 days before new recurring payment cycle.


Since we offer 7 days full feature trial period, we do not refund in any case.

Expired account

If you start trial and got expired, you can not access to track data any more. If you upgraded and got expired, you will be able to view data during next 30 days. We will delete your data after that period without notice.

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